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Adam Strong has been keeping America fit for 20+ years. Boasting a resume that includes multiple certifications including NASM ( Personal Training, Nutrition), ACE ( personal training and nutrition) and ISSA, Adam has helped thousands of clients achieve their best health and physique. His never-quit attitude and commanding personality motivate, encourage and propel clients to achieve maximum results. He knows how to tap into each individual’s psyche and motivate them to be their best. His plethora of knowledge and background in Nutrition set him worlds apart from the competition. His all encompassing approach to exercise, which incorporates all elements of fitness, strength training, proper nutrition, rest, mental wellness and flexibility, are a combination that will get you results fast and educate you about what fits your lifestyle and fitness program the best. 

The Adam Strong Program is all inclusive 1-1 Personal Training with a Customized Nutrition Plan. The Program also includes access to our workout app, monthly progress checks and an exclusive exclusive grocery store tour with your nutrition coach. Workouts are all done in our state of the art, private studio. No outside distractions or onlookers. The focus is solely on the client and getting results. Adam Strong gives you the tools for success and holds you accountable. If you are serious about getting in shape and ready to do it the right way, contact us right away to schedule a free consultation. 

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